IMG_0273Let me introduce myself, my name is Danielle Luhrs and I am a licensed massage therapist. In 2001, I graduated from the Massage Institute of New England.  I have been a proud member of the American Massage Therapy Association ever since.  For over 25 years I have been in the service industry and feel that it is my calling to assist others on the road to wellbeing.  I am dedicated to helping you reach your health goals, especially those that can be obtained through massage therapy. 


One Hour Massage - $70.00

Half Hour Massage - $40.00

Hour and a Half Massage - $105.00

Danielle will design a treatment plan specifically geared towards reaching your massage goals. The modalities used will be a blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial, Neuromuscular, Soft Tissue Sculpting, Accupressure or any other technique that is appropriate for your session. Whether you need to lower blood pressure, eliminate headaches, decrease pain from repetitive movements, free yourself from depression, or any other soft tissue dysfunction, please allow me to work with you on the road to wellbeing.



Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy -

Barefooted massage using deep compressive effleurage strokes that glide over the body. This provides extreme relaxation while creating a structural change in chronic soft tissue damage. Bars are used above the head to provide the therapist with balance. This has been coined "The deepest most luxurious massage on the planet"! 

Hot Stones -

This unique experience uses the heat of warmed stones to relax and unwind the body. Feel the tension melt away as the stones glide over your muscles. Notice the body letting go of stress in the areas where hot stones have been placed. Reach deep levels of relaxation with this hour and a half session!

Pedisage -

A one hour treatment that makes the whole body feel like dancing! No need to disrobe. A treat "solely" for the feet!

Pre and Perinatal Massage -

No matter what trimester you are in, this specialized service will address your ever changing body. *Please bring a doctor's note stating massage is safe for you to recieve. I care about the safety of you and your child.

Above services are priced the same as the Basic.

Add on Spa

Aromatherapy -

Let the aroma of pure essential oils add therapeutic value to your massage! It will bring you to your senses!

Eco-Fin, a Paraffin Alternative Treatment -

Indulge your tired, aching hands and/or feet to the warmth and hydration of a soothing, natural, petroleum alternative spa experience. A blend of oils will leave your skin soft and supple.
$10.00 for the hands or feet, $20.00 for both.

Aromatherapy is always free!

New Services

Keep checking back to see what new and exciting services have been added to the menu!